Read the heart warming stories,. Stories about hope. Stories about faith. Stories about joy. Stories about the fighting spirit. here you will get to know our past and present participants through the personal stories of triumph while battling cancer. Also find out about or mission and our history.



Learn about our events, our goals and our fun and entertaining programs such as the Hampton Roads Cancer Awarenes Fashion Show, our Cruising For Cancer Tour and the Voices For the Cure singing contest. Also, learn more about our service programs the Cancer Care Fund and Yoga for Cancer.



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MTB Mission

MTB strives to recognize the brave men, women and children from the Hampton Roads area that are diagnosed with cancer by providing services and by raising awareness   through our entertaining, empowering and inspiring events.

MTB History

Several years ago, MTB Cancer Foundation was created to serve the community.  MTB provides alternative events throughout the year that raises cancer awareness and recognizes the important role of the individual in their fight against cancer.  While our events continually develop and change, we give everyone who is interested the opportunity to participate in events that are entertaining, inspiring and empowering. Helping those battling cancer and cancer survivors has grown to become a permanent part of the MTB community.

MTB Cancer Foundation in the News

July is Bladder and Sarcoma Cancer Awareness Month


Bladder cancer occurs mainly in older people and 9 out 10 are over the age of 55. Men are 3 to 4 more times likely to get bladder cancer over women.


Sarcoma cancer is a type of cancer that develops from certain issues and can be found in any part of the body. There are over 50 types of sarcoma cancer with bone and tissue cancer being the main types.

MTB Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. Donations and contributions are tax deductible.

Cruising For Cancer Tour

Cancer Awareness Pub Crawl Fundraiser

Formerly known as the "Beer for Boobs" tour, the mission for the Cruising for Cancer pub crawl fundraiser is to raise awareness through an exciting, fun and social atmosphere. Hosted by locally owned and run venues where they provide a donation that benefits cancer survivors and patients in the Hampton Roads area. Proceeds from the event benefit the Cancer Care Foundation of Tidewater.

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